Lisa KNOWS Medicare and she LOVES her clients! Imagine a good friend, who keeps your interests in mind, can walk you through the maze called Medicare to help you get where you want to go. That's Lisa!  
- Wanda C.

 I am appreciative to Lisa for always being available to assist me in planning for my Medicare needs. Deciphering and selecting a suitable plan is intimidating, but her patience and extensive knowledge and, I feel more confident in choosing a plan that best fits my needs.  
- Vickie W.

 Wanted to send a big thanks for the help you've provided me in choosing a new Medicare insurance provider for 2023! I could never have come up with anything like the plan you found me on my own - the system is not designed to be managed by mere mortals! But you connected me with an excellent plan that not only covers me from head to toe but saves me money along the way. What I appreciated was your friendly approach; you gave me all the information I needed to decide my healthcare needs without talking down to me in any way! Thanks so much, Lisa, and here's to more years of working together!  
- Anne H.
Asheville, NC